What position would you use to fuck me?

What position would you use to fuck me?

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45 thoughts on “What position would you use to fuck me?

  1. All, especially cowgirl riding which is my personal favorite💦💦💦

  2. Fir a t id eat you. Then start eating yiu be t over then fuck you doggystyle so i can watch that ass and soank it as im fucking your sexy self

  3. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl(so I can look at that gorgeous ass) doggy, and missionary to finish.

  4. The position that you enjoy the most whatever position that is is the position that I would fuck you in after I lick your sweet delicious pink shaved pussy and kiss that beautiful gorgeous sexy ass all over

  5. Every position in the book, and once we run out we’ll have to invent more!

  6. Standing up and from behind, so I can feel that soft cushion when I’m pushin’

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