PSA: This is NOT a generic ass sub. It’s for PHAT asses!

#This sub is supposed to be for phat asses. It’s not meant for generic ass pics like over in /r/ass, /r/booty, /r/butt etc. People who visit this sub should be able to look at the frontpage and see content, knowing that they’re phat asses without having to guess.

###With that being said, here’s some types of pics we don’t want here, since they involve too much guessing games:
* [Frogbutt](
* [Closeups](
* [Closeups](
* [Bent over](
* [Face down ass up](
* [Top down view](

##Those are some of the most popular rule 2 violations but there are others. Pics taken at these angles can make any ass look phat and that’s not what we want here. **We want actual phatness and not just the illusion.**
##**The only exceptions to the above are our VERIFIED USERS**. You guys can post whatever ass pics you want. It would be in your best interest to show off your phatness though. Some exceptions may be made for content featuring pornstars and known “instagram models”.

##Please report all rule breaking posts so we can keep our standards high in this sub.
#Other important things to note:

* ##If you’re posting content of yourself or your significant other, you MUST BE VERIFIED HERE TO POST. Click [**this link**]( to get started. If you’re not verified here, you shouldn’t be posting in our sub.

* ##Our rules are [**mentioned here.**](

* ##Read [**this post**]( to learn about titles we DON’T want to see.

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