[OC] Really insecure about my face but my boobs make up for it!

Author: bootyalbum

35 thoughts on “[OC] Really insecure about my face but my boobs make up for it!

  1. From one woman to another, trust me you have a beautiful face. I feel that many women feel insecure about fitting into euro centric beauty standards but I’ve realized that beauty is multifaceted. Big noses, big lips, round faces, small eyes, dark skin, and other features are all considered beautiful. It’s refreshing to see a beautiful woman that doesn’t have blue eyes, blonde hair, narrow nose, and a skinny body once in a while. So feel proud of yourself from head to toe

  2. You have a really pretty face and a smokin hot body! You have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. I’d for sure try to get your number if I saw you irl! 😍😍🤤🤤

  3. You are unique and instantly recognizable, unlike the typical “blonde glam girls” that you usually see. You have an appeal that is attractive. Not to mention your incredible boobs.

  4. All of you is gorgeous. I love to see that face… kiss that face… cover that face in cum… go down on you and make you cum… watch your face as you scream in pleasure…

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