To the person that keeps reporting posters who sell things: I do not care so long as they don’t sell it IN THIS SUBREDDIT

They can sell their panties, socks, snapchat, instagram, used tampons, half chewed fig newtons, whatever. So long as they don’t do it…


What they do in other subs, on their profiles, etc is their choice. Comments and posts in **this** subreddit about the things they sell will be met with removal and bans.

So long as they aren’t mentioning that they’re selling or to view their profile to see what they’re selling **I do not care.**

**To the person that has been making the reports, this is your one and only warning. After this post has been made I will report all future reports of this type to the admins who can and will ban you from the site entirely.**

Seriously, no one cares so long as it doesn’t happen here and you’re just wasting your time. Just sit back and enjoy the big boobs and only report on things that *actually* break the rules.

Author: bootyalbum